Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The tree of life

So i was arguing with my atheist friend the other day about religion and she went like " stop arguing with me ..go watch the movie The tree of life and come after two hours"... and i was like "but...but i still have to download the thing and go watch it .. it will take more than two hours !!" anyway so i just finished the movie .. and in the beginning i was thinking okay you put some Discovery channel shots and add church music on the background and poof .. goose pumps .. but
then after 15 min or so it was amazing, the soundtrack, direction and acting .. i always thought any movie that makes you laugh .. cry a lil bit .. with some science at the same time.. should win an Oscar .. its a beautiful film and i recommend to everybody .. am okay with my friend now as long as she believe in the mighty android and i believe in mighty God .. you say potato .. i say tomato ..hehe

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